An Interesting SOTS Speech

An interesting speech Governor Perdue provided us with last night. I was, like many I suppose, caught a bit off guard at the tack she took. All in all, it was well delivered and cleverly conceived. And, like most such addresses, it was lite on details. Nonetheless, it was interesting.

It was interesting that she started off agreeing with the legislature; she spoke of cutting taxes, cutting spending, and creating jobs and corporate investments. She spiced the speech with well placed examples of resilient Tar Heels.

Then it got more interesting as she up and challenged, no dared the legislature to touch education. Governor Perdue made it clear where she was willing to compromise and where she wasn’t.

As a native North Carolinian, what I did appreciate was the spirit of optimism she provided us with in that speech. She spoke optimistically and enthusiastically about North Carolinians – noting our moxie and our resilience. It was good to hear her cast things in a positive light. The constant gloom and doom has worn on us all, making us tired and depressed, but, for a brief moment, she lifted our spirits.

We can only wait and see if that spirit can endure the legislative session.

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