Census Numbers = Redistricting

With all the buzz about the release of Census numbers for NC, I came across a very interesting project at Columbia Law School (by way of the Monkey Cage & John Sides, an exceptional political science blog).

This is quite an interesting perspective of redistricting that these folks are taking up at DrawCongress.org.  They are providing redistricting scenarios, from drawing districts that maintain the status quo to creating districts based on maximum competition, as in districts evenly divided by Democrats and Republicans; there are five scenarios offered for each state.  Obviously, it isn’t all done at this point, nor are all scenarios available (it would be a bit early to expect such an accomplishment).  But, when done, this will be an exciting site to visit. As well, DrawCongress.org provides a benchmark by which we can all compare plans proposed by the NC General Assembly; this site will permit anyone and everyone to assess how the redistricting committee’s work stacks up with regard to party, competition, and current districts.

Though North Carolina isn’t completed at this point, the site is worth visiting, as some state scenarios are available to review (which, if you are wondering, are: Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Virginia); there are some scenarios for these states (as, given this herculean task, not all scenarios could be developed by now). When completed, however, this is going to be an incredible resource.  At this point, navigation requires going through some directories to view the maps (which are either jpg or pdf formats), but it is well worth the venture.

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