Some positive signs for President Obama

On the eve of a scheduled presidential visit to Charlotte, N.C., Barack Obama’s job marks have improved slightly since last fall with 45 percent of North Carolina residents in the latest Elon University Poll expressing approval for the way he has handled his role as president.

As you can tell from Elon University Poll news release, things are looking up for President Obama in North Carolina. Not too far up, but better than they have been. Some initial observations on which I will elaborate in later posts.

* President Obama can thank the rising stock market and declining unemployment rates. People are feeling more optimistic about the nation’s economy and their personal financial stake. If things continue this way and people vote their pocketbooks, North Carolina voters could do a repeat of 2008 when the president carried the state.

* President Obama is seeing decent gains among women and people between 18 and 34, which were key constituencies for him in North Carolina in 2008.

* While most people disapprove of how he’s handling his job, they still have a favorable opinion of him. What the heck is that about?

* The president can’t put North Carolina in a win column just yet. He’s upside-down, which means that the number of people that disapprove of how he’s doing his job is greater than those who approve. He’ll need to flip that over by November.

— John Robinson

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