President Obama: the cool factor

You know how you can have a political discussion with a friend and agree to disagree? That seems to be the sort of relationship that a lot of North Carolinians have with President Obama.

When asked “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of President Obama?” 47 percent responded replied “favorable” and 44 percent said “unfavorable.” This in spite of their less than glowing evaluation of his job performance.

Let’s break the numbers down a bit.

* Gender: women — 53 percent favorable; men — 41 percent

* Ideology: conservatives — 23 percent; moderates — 57 percent favorable; liberals — 85 percent

* Age: 18-34 — 50 percent favorable; 35-54 — 46 percent; 55+ — 47 percent

We don’t have similar numbers on the GOP candidates; perhaps when there is a nominee.

What to make of the numbers? North Carolinians seem to think that, on the whole, he’s a likeable guy. My guess is that they know he has a tough job with many things outside of his control and, even though they may not like his policies, they respect that he’s trying.

Or, it could be something less identifiable. I showed my mass communication class a video clip of Obama singing “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater as part of a section on media bias. I asked what that made them think of the president.

“He’s cool.”


— John Robinson




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