GOP tapped into North Carolinians concerns

According to the Elon University Poll, North Carolinians are most concerned about these issues in order: the cost of gas, the national debt and the cost of health care.

Each provides fertile political talking points for Republican candidates, and they know it.

Cost of gas: The Republican National Committee sent out talking points instructing party faithful to take up the issue.  House Speaker John Boehner urged his caucus to do the same. And, on Wednesday, the House energy committee obliged: The Republican majority called in a bunch of oilmen for a hearing dedicated largely to blaming President Obama for gas prices.

The national debt: Ron Paul ranks as the one candidate among four whose announced policies would leave America with a lower national debt than it would have under a status quo course, according to a new analysis.

Cost of health careRepublican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s main message to Republican voters in Huntsville Thursday was simple. “Obamacare is, in fact, the death knell for freedom, and that’s why it must be repealed,” Santorum told a large crowd at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center five days before the state’s GOP primary.

The poll results could give the candidates a guide to reassure North Carolinians about the plans for the future.

— John Robinson

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