The GOP sees an opening on foreign policy

Yesterday, I mentioned that Mitt Romney sees opportunities to challenge President Obama on foreign policy. With good reason, according to an article earlier this month in the Washington Post.

The erosion in Afghanistan, coupled with the prospect of a nuclear Iran, create the possibility that the November election could swing on something no one expected: foreign policy.

“Could” is the operative term, however. An analysis of exit polling conducted in the Republican presidential contests held to date suggests that the economy is by far the issue on most voters’ minds.

It’s not just Romney who sees the possibility of grabbing the foreign policy mantle. Rick Santorum does, too.

The Post article points out that if the economy continues to recover, then that will be a tougher issue to get traction on. Republicans may turn to another issue on which to attack the president’s leadership. Foreign policy — Afghanistan, a nuclear Iran and Russia — may just be it.

— John Robinson

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