North Carolina marriage amendment update

Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, it appears that the hottest issue to be decided in the North Carolina primary next month is the marriage amendment. Elected boards are taking positions, rallies are being held, yard signs are popping up, and leaders are stating opposition or support.

The latest Elon University Poll results show that 61% of North Carolinians say they oppose an amendment that would prevent any same sex marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions. The poll is of North Carolina residents, not likely voters. Other polls of likely voters indicate more support for the amendment itself.

Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center, explains how the nation’s opinion of same-sex marriage has shifted in the past few years. Majorities of the millennial generation, who were a very small share of the electorate in 2004 when the gay marriage issue rallied the conservative base, have grown in number and have consistently favored. But also, many older Americans have changed their minds. Since 2004, support for gay marriage has increased from 30 percent to 40 percent among baby boomers, and even among seniors (from 18 percent to 32 percent). (On balance, though, most members of this generation remain opposed, at 56 percent.)

The biggest question may well be which side will show up on May 8. The lack of competitive GOP presidential or gubernatorial contests will dampen conservative turnout. On the Democratic side, the presidential ticket is decided, of course, but the gubernatorial nominee isn’t. But that race hasn’t generated much excitement yet. 

Opposition to the amendment is visible on the streets and in letters to the editor columns. Support seems to be centered in churches, but has been much quieter.

— John Robinson

2 responses to “North Carolina marriage amendment update

  1. I take this to mean that all the congressional and ther races down ballot have no effect?

  2. More leftist propaganda. If the amendment passes, which it will overwhelmingly, liberals will blame it on “bad turnout” or “right wing deception” rather than the true reason, which is that the vast majority of NC residents simply oppose gay marriages or their equivalent and support this amendment.

    Lets consider a few things:

    -Most polls show 18-29 year olds actually split on this amendment.
    -Most polls show a plurality of democrats in favor.
    -Most polls show blacks supporting the amendment 2-1 or more.

    With numbers like this, no chance that it fails. It could even get 70% support.

    For years now gay marriage advocates have pushed the only argument they have – that public opinion is shifting their way. Why, then, have they failed to win in even one state? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Vote FOR amendment one!

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