The marriage amendment on the front pages

The marriage amendment got a great deal of ink on the state’s front pages this morning.

Charlotte and Greensboro wrote about how churches are dealing with the issue.

Burlington and Hickory have primers on what the amendment means, along with its political background.

Reminder: The latest Elon University Poll results on the issue.

— John Robinson

3 responses to “The marriage amendment on the front pages

  1. Wonder how that poll was done, who was asked, whether there was an attempt to identify likely voters. Public Policy Polling found entirely different results, a result that in my mind is more consistent with the mindset and temperament of most North Carolinians, particularly the fundamentalist evangelical type that dominates the religious segment in this state.

    • The Elon University Poll does not identify likely voters. The poll surveys North Carolina residents about issues, not with specific ballot wording. That is intentional. We are interested in what issues are important to North Carolinians and what they think about them, not about predicting election results.

  2. Colby Brenton

    No offense but the latest Elon poll results seem highly inaccurate when compared with every other pollster, not sure why this is. I guess we will find out in two weeks…

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