Marriage amendment polling results are similar

Some news articles imply that the Elon University Poll results on the “marriage amendment” differ from the PPP poll results.

Not true.

Both polls report results that indicate a majority of North Carolinians believe same-sex couples and/or civil unions deserve legal recognition.

The difference is that the Elon University Poll surveys North Carolina residents, not likely voters. PPP does surveys likely voters. When PPP asked how they will vote on the amendment – and used the specific ballot wording – most respondents said they support the amendment. When they are asked generally about same-sex marriage or civil unions, they support those, too.

The ballot wording — in which the only relationship mentioned is marriage between a man and a woman — is confusing to likely voters.

The Elon Poll asked specifically about the issue of same-sex couples, but did not use the ballot wording. We weren’t trying to find out whether the issue would pass. We were surveying residents to determine what their opinions on the issue were. 

— John Robinson

2 responses to “Marriage amendment polling results are similar

  1. Robert Ladson

    This is my opion. I am wanting to know if all of our state and federal excutives have had the chance to read the pre-amble of the United states of America. It does mention Peace tranquility and freedom for all.
    I dont think that that means only straight men and women. It is this freedom that has made America the pleace of choice for many people in this world.
    Beening able to choose your own life style, church , where you live. Without the supervision of our government.
    It should be mearly a choice if I want to marry any race or a man or a women, In doing this it gives me that freedom and does not hurt anyone in the process.
    There is also a ammendment that says there is a seperation of church and state. This being the case there should be no regilious issue in the marrage of a man and a womenor a same sex marage.
    Every one is created equal and should have equal rights and freedoms.

  2. What amendment are you talking about? There is NOTHING in the Constitution that says anything about “separation of church and state.” You can believe in that if you want to as a matter of opinion, but it does not come from the Constitution.

    Nor does the Constitution say anything about marriage; so if you support gay marriage, that’s fine, but don’t use our most precious document to mislead people.

    Liberals rely on ignorance like this to ram through their crazy agenda. Its about time we started taking our country back from them.

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