No love for the General Assembly

Two months ago, North Carolinians told the Elon University Poll they didn’t care for the way the state legislature was doing its job. At the time, only 27% approved of the General Assembly’s job performance.

Now? It might be better, but not by much. Thirty-one percent give the legislators a favorable job performance. (I say “might be better” because the margin of error is 3.9% so it’s a statistical dead heat.) On the plus side, though, the percentage of residents who disapprove of the General Assembly dropped to 47% from 53% in February.

Perhaps the Legislature got a little positive bump because they aren’t in session.

The most interesting sidebar to this poll is that respondents are split over whether Democrats or Republicans are doing the best job in Raleigh. Thirty-three percent think Democrats, and 33% think Republicans. Before you get too excited, though, 22% said “none” was doing the best job.


— John Robinson

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