N.C.: We don’t need to change gun laws

North Carolina is a moderate state, despite efforts by conservatives and liberals to paint it otherwise.

Exhibit One: North Carolinians do not want state gun control laws loosened, according to the results of the latest Elon University Poll. In fact, 44% of respondents the current laws to remain unchanged, and 33% want stricter laws. Fifteen percent want less strict laws.

The relevance? The GOP-controlled General Assembly is expected to introduce legislation this month that permits people with concealed-carry permits to carry firearms into restaurants. On that issue, 56% of respondents in the Elon Poll do NOT want guns in restaurants or parks. (The General Assembly passed legislation last year to permit concealed-carry permit owners to carry firearms in parks.)

But they aren’t anti-gun by any means. Two-thirds of respondents think that gun owners should be able to keep guns locked in their cars while at work, which was also passed last year.

Nationally, according to the Pew Research Center last week, “49% of Americans say it is more important to protect the rights of Americans to own guns, while 45% say it is more important to control gun ownership.”

— John Robinson

5 responses to “N.C.: We don’t need to change gun laws

  1. As a liberal, I have to say that NC is not a “moderate” state. Gallup and every other similar reputable organization shows that NC has at least twice as many self-described conservatives as liberals.

    In fact, there are only a handful of states that have more liberals, such as MA.

    This is a center-right country and NC is more to the right than the nation as a whole. So it is fair to describe NC as a conservative state, but maybe it will change. The only reason why democrats ever win here is because of the large black population, and even most of them are not “liberal” in the general sense.

    • Thanks, Jake. Knowing that political labels are fluid and in the eye of the beholder, I made the state about N.C. being moderate in comparison with other Southern states. A year ago, we had a Democrat as governor. Four years ago, we had a Democrat as governor and a Democratically controlled legislature. Four years ago, Obama won N.C. and he wasn’t far behind last year.

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