N.C. is not loving the Affordable Care Act

As we are on so many issues, North Carolinians are evenly split on whether it is the responsibility of the feds to ensure that everyone has health care coverage.

But most North Carolinians don’t care for the Affordable Health Care Act, 46% to 38%, and they don’t thiis nk it is going to result in better health care in the long run, 45% to 34%.

That’s notable because it is markedly different from the national sentiment, as measured by Gallup in February. That organization found that Americans were evenly split over whether the passage of the Act was a good thing, 45% to 44%.

In addition, 38% in the Gallup Poll said they thought the law would make things worse; 24% said better.

Not surprisingly, the responses hewed right down party lines. Forty percent of Democrats said the law would improve things; only 3% of Republicans did.

2 responses to “N.C. is not loving the Affordable Care Act

  1. If your “poll” says 45% of people disagree with Obamacare, then the actual number is more like 60%-65%, kind of like your Amendment 1 poll.

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