Some gaps between President Obama and Gov. Romney

The polls say the two presidential candidates are running neck and neck. But there are gaps. The GOP convention opens in Tampa today, come Isaac or high water. Here are some polling results the Republicans will be dealing with.

* Empathy gap? — A CBS News poll shows that only 41% of Americans think Mitt Romney understands their problems, compared with 54% who think President Obama does. Romney can address that when he makes his acceptance speech on national television Thursday.

*Likability gap? — A Reuters/Ipsos online poll reports that Obama gets higher likability numbers, with 54% to 26% finding him more likeable. (Bear in mind that it is an online survey.) Michael Oreskes of the AP discusses the likability factor of the two candidates further.

* Money gap?— A Pew Research Center survey shows mixed feelings about people with money. “Nearly six-in-ten survey respondents (58%) also say the rich pay too little in taxes, while 26% say they pay their fair share, and just 8% say they pay too much. Even among those who describe themselves as upper or upper-middle class1, 52% say upper-income Americans don’t pay enough in taxes. In spite of these views, overwhelming majorities of self-described middle- and lower-class Americans say they admire people who get rich by working hard (92% and 84%, respectively).”

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