Mixed news for the GOP

Because this is the week of the Republican National Convention, most of the polling involves Republicans.

Gallup reports  that “Mitt Romney is about as well-liked as he has been during the presidential campaign, with 48% of Americans holding a favorable view of him and 46% an unfavorable view.” That news may be good enough, but it becomes great news when you factor in that in mid-July only 39% of Americans had a favorable view of him.

* On the flip side, a Pew Research Center poll found that people tend to use negative words when describing Romney. “Overall, 42% of the words volunteered by respondents are clearly negative, most commonly liar, arrogant, crook, out of touch, distrust and fake. Fewer (28%) offer words that are clearly positive in tone, such as honest, good, leadership, and capable. The remaining 30% of words are more descriptive and neutral in their tone, including businessman, rich, conservative, and Republican. As the campaign progresses, fewer Americans are offering neutral descriptions of Romney, but people continue to have more negative than positive things to say about him.”

* Meanwhile, a Gallup poll also found that Americans are pretty evenly split on whether they like Rep. Paul Ryan. He was viewed favorably by 38% and unfavorably by 36%. Perhaps more interesting, 26% said they hadn’t heard of him or didn’t know enough about him to have an opinion.

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