Previewing the Labor Day political panel

Elon University is conducting a political panel in Charlotte on Monday in connection with the release of the latest poll data. Here are some of the things that our political panelists are writing about the campaign.

Charlie Cook: “The Obama campaign has successfully transformed this election from a referendum on the president and the economy to a choice election or maybe even a referendum on whether people trust Romney enough to give him the keys to the Oval Office.”

Rob Christensen: “The Republicans seemed to have at least three major goals at their national nominating convention that they completed last night at Tampa: unify and excite the base, humanize their nominee, Mitt Romney, and neutralize the Medicare issue.” Rob writes that they succeeded on two of the three.

David Gergen: “But Paul Ryan delivered the speech they have been longing for, and they exploded in enthusiasm. Conservatives will surely wonder whether they have found a young Reagan.”

Domenico Montanaro: It’s a video from yesterday previewing what Mitt Romney needs to last night.

I’ll update this post with new comments from Gergen and Montanaro if they file something.

— John Robinson


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