N.C.: a state in flux

After we released the Elon University Poll results this morning, we hosted a political panel that spoke to the results and the political landscape facing President Obama and Gov. Romney.

NPR has an excellent takeout on the panel discussion, including observations from panelist Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report, David Gergen of Harvard and Taylor Batten, editorial page editor of the Charlotte Observer.

“It’s a state in flux,” Cook said during a briefing about the Elon University poll results, on the road to where Virginia has been heading more rapidly, and Georgia is going, albeit more slowly.

“States in the South that are changing are those with a lot of out-of-state-people moving in,” he said. “A lot are not from the South, and they vote differently.” The Charlotte area, for example, grew more quickly between 2000 and 2010 than any other urban area of 1 million or more people, according to U.S. Census data.

Political analyst David Gergen, a North Carolina native who also was at the Monday event, said he’s not sure the state has “changed enough for Barack Obama this time out.” North Carolina, he says, remains in most analysts’ tossup category, but suggested it may be time to make it “lean Romney.”

NPR came back Tuesday morning with another takeout.

The Charlotte Observer, which hosted our panel discussion, also includes comments from the panelists.

“North Carolina is a must-win state for Romney,” said analyst Charlie Cook, part of the panel on the Elon Poll. “He cannot get to 270 (electoral votes) without North Carolina, and the Obama campaign knows that.”

— John Robinson

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