Before the binders, where the candidates stand attracting women voters

When the phrase of the day is “whole binders full of women,” it is worth revisiting where the candidates rate with women.

Before Gov. Romney made that statement in the second debate, Gallup polled women in swing states, including North Carolina. Not surprisingly, women think differently than men.

 “A plurality of female registered voters offered abortion (39%) as the most important issue for women, followed by jobs, healthcare, the economy, and equal rights. In contrast, men see jobs (38%) and the economy (37%) as the two most important issues facing men.”

Gallup says that those issues put women more firmly in President Obama’s camp.

“The size of the gender gap and its consequence to the 2012 election may rest in part on the Obama campaign’s ability to emphasize these issues as especially critical to the female electorate. To attract more female supporters, Romney must continue to focus on his strengths on more general national issues, particularly the federal budget deficit and national debt, and continue to highlight their importance to women.”

And Romney appears to be doing just that.

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