Elon University Poll in the news

The New York Times — “Arguably Mr. Obama’s best poll of the day, instead, was an Elon University survey of North Carolina, which had a tied race there. But North Carolina may be far enough way from the electoral tipping point that it is unlikely to figure all that prominently in next Tuesday’s math. Mr. Obama could win North Carolina — the forecast model gives him about a 20 percent chance of doing so — but most of those outcomes involve cases in which Mr. Obama will already have secured enough electoral votes in states like Virginia to have clinched another term.”

Burlington Times-News — “The economy is the most prominent issue of the election and is an important reason why Mitt Romney is in a tight race with the incumbent president,” said Kenneth Fernandez, director of the Elon University Poll. “But respondents also seem to have a growing optimism about the economy. More people believe the economy will improve over the next year, and those optimists are more likely to vote for Barack Obama.”

Charlotte Observer— “An Elon Poll just came out showing the race tied,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters on a conference call. “I am ridiculously proud of what the North Carolina staff has put on the ground with our volunteers.”

The National Review — “In a conference call today with reporters David Axelrod said, ‘We really believe North Carolina is within our reach.’ One of the reasons the Obama campaign is optimistic is a new poll out from Elon University that shows Romney and Obama tied at 45 percent.”

The Hill — “In North Carolina, Romney also saw encouraging news on the economy — expected to be the single most important issue among voters. Romney led 52-42 percent among those surveyed by Elon when asked which candidate they trusted more in handling the economy.”

CNN — “North Carolina was a toss up state on the CNN Electoral Map but was shifted earlier this month to leaning in Romney’s favor. Other news organizations also shifted North Carolina to lean Romney.”

Talking Points Memo — “President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are going down to the wire in North Carolina, according to a poll released Monday from in-state institution Elon University. But the numbers also show a large advantage for Democrats in early voting and upwards movement in enthusiasm for their side.”

Selected others:

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(I’ll update this post as others report on the polling.)

— John Robinson

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