Obama is winning the women

It’s no surprise that younger voters prefer President Obama and older voters, Gov. Romney. The Elon University Poll suggests that the tipping point is at the ages between the late 30’s and early 40’s.

It is also not a big surprise that the lower the income the greater support for Obama and the higher the income the greater support for Romney. According to our poll, those making $50,000 to $75,000 are evenly split between the two candidates.

The most interesting breakdown is gender. Male likely voters support Romney, 51% to 39% for Obama. Female likely voters turn that on its head: 51% support Obama and 40% Romney. That’s a big change from our Labor Day poll, in which 45% of likely women voters supported Obama and 44% Romney.

The national polling is mixed on where the majority of the women’s vote will fall.

Obama’s campaign brushes off polls showing Obama and Romney tied among women. Campaign manager Jim Messina insisted Monday that Obama is “leading among women by double digits nationally and in every battleground state.”

Still, the campaign is fighting to shore up support among the critically important voting bloc.

It is, however, more in line with historical trends in which more women line up behind the Democratic candidate.
— John Robinson

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