Hagan, Burr: N.C. says not bad

Need more proof that North Carolina is divided by political affiliation? Look no further than our two honorable senators.

The job performance of Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is lauded by 59 percent of the Democrats who responded to our April poll vs. only 24 percent of the Republicans.

The job performance of GOP Sen. Richard Burr is lauded by 54 percent of Republicans who responded to our April poll vs. only 28 percent of the Democrats.

By the way, 38 percent of Independents approved of Hagan and 42 percent approved of Burr.

The numbers should be particularly interesting to Hagan because she is expected to face a battle in her re-election campaign next year. One potential upside for her is that 26 percent of the respondent refused to answer or answered “don’t know.” Those are people she can pull into the “approval” column as the months go on. (For Burr, it is 34 percent.)

There is a small gender gap in approval ratings for both senators. 42 percent of women and 37 percent of men approve of Hagan’s job performance. For Burr, 43 percent of men and 35 percent of women approve.

Hagan is being targeted in TV ads by Mayors Against Illegal Guns to support criminal background checks for all gun sales and banning high-capacity magazines.  The New York Times mentions her this morning in an article about the gun control battle in Washington.

She also endorsed gay marriage last month, which could lose her some support.

— John Robinson

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