Obama’s approval rating: A divided North Carolina

A year ago, 45 percent of North Carolinians who responded to the Elon Poll approved of President Obama’s job performance. But he was upside-down with  48 percent disapproving.

Earlier this month, again, 45 percent of N.C. respondents said they approve of Obama’s performance. He is still upside-down, but not that the blood would rush to his head — 46 percent disapprove.

Three more points of reference:

* In our February poll, 48 percent of respondents approved of how he was doing his job.

* He won 48 percent of the vote in N.C. in the 2012 election.

* Nationally, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll also released today puts his approval rating at 47 percent. A CNN poll released Monday put his approval rating at 51 percent.

All of these numbers suggest that Obama is at fixed place in people’s minds and that it will take something big to change that.

Digging into the numbers:

Party: 87 percent of Democrats approve of him; 7 percent of Republicans do. (38% of Independents approve.)

Age: His approval rating starts at 57 percent among 18-30 year-olds and declines steadily to 40 percent among 65-year-olds and up.

Race: 84 percent of African Americans approve; 33 percent of white residents.

Gender: 49 percent of women approve; 41 percent of men.

Given all that is happening in Washington — gun control, immigration reform, sequestration and budget negotiations, North Korea saber rattling — it will be interesting to see how the numbers change over time.

— John Robinson

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