Grading N.C. schools: A good solid B

As the state legislature debates teacher tenure, it continues to struggle with the issue of evaluating school performance. Last year, the State Department of Public Instruction was instructed to give grades of A to F to each public school. However, the state House is considering delaying that grading system until the 2014-15 school year.

But we asked  North Carolina residents how they would grade the schools in their communities.

A — 11.4 percent

B — 38.9 percent

C — 26.5 percent

D — 8.8 percent

F — 4.7 percent

Not bad. A little more than 10 percent with As and 13.5 percent with Ds and Fs. Probably not unlike the typical grading pattern in the typical classroom. Grade inflation? Maybe a teacher can weigh in here in the comments.

— John Robinson

One response to “Grading N.C. schools: A good solid B

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