More restrictions on handguns? Yes

Despite the ongoing debate about gun control in Washington, it’s unlikely gun laws will change in North Carolina this year. Republicans control the Legislature and the governor’s mansion, and they aren’t showing any interest in opening a discussion on guns.

We have asked before about gun laws. Last February, 93 percent of respondents in the state favored requiring background checks for everyone buying a gun, including those sold privately. In addition, 83 percent supported a waiting period.

This month, we asked: “Please tell me whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: ‘There should be more legal restrictions on handguns in our society.'”

The response: 56.8 percent agreed and 39.5 percent disagreed. And it breaks down politically as you might expect: 80 percent of Democrats agree, 53 percent of Independents agree, and 37 percent of Republicans agree.

It also splits by race: 77 percent of African Americans support it vs. 50 percent of whites. And by gender: 69 percent of women agree vs. 43 percent of men.

Should the elected officials in Raleigh take up gun laws? Either way, it’s politically risky. Each time we have polled on it, N.C. residents, in their wisdom, have counseled on moderation….on both sides.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday shows that most Americans think it is possible to enact new laws without infringing on gun rights, and overwhelming majorities support expanded background checks at gun shows and for online gun sales.

— John Robinson

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