N.C. Make access to abortion more difficult

A couple of bills winding their way through the General Assembly would have the effect of restricting access to abortions, if passed. One would make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions because of the sex of the fetus. Another would require abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and remain at the site until the patient is able to leave.

We didn’t ask about either of these bills specifically. However, we did ask N.C. residents if state laws “should make access to an abortion more difficult or less difficult.” It was tight, but 42.4 percent of respondents said access should be more difficult vs. 37.1 percent who said less difficult and 9.3 percent said about the same.

“Consistent with national trends, a gender gap exists that is even more pronounced by marital status,” Assistant Poll Director Jason Husser said. “Twenty-eight percent of single women wanted more restrictions compared with 45.5 percent of all men. Similarly, those who attend church weekly are more than twice as likely to support restrictions as those who never attend church.”

The News & Observer suggested that the same-sex bill may advance because it is sponsored by Rep. Ruth Samuelson of Charlotte, a House GOP leader.  However, Gov. Pat McCrory has said he won’t support further restrictions on abortion.

— John Robinson

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