Congress remains unloved

By now, Congress should have a “Rodney Dangerfield complex.”

In North Carolina, its approval rating is 14 percent. And that’s the nice way of saying it as opposed to “75 percent of North Carolinians polled said they disapproved of the job Congress is doing.”

But there is good news in the latest Elon University Poll results. In our February poll, 82 percent of the people polled disapproved of Congress.

In this poll, Republicans like Congress a little better than Democrats, but not by much (19 percent to 14 percent). People 40 and younger like Congress more than people 41 and older.

The rising fortunes of Congress, however moderate, could well be tied to the falling approval rating for President Obama. Otherwise, it’s unclear exactly why Congress has gained in favor. Gridlock is still the way of Washington, and sequestration is becoming more of a problem for Americans outside of D.C.

— John Robinson

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