President Obama’s approval rating sinks in N.C.

President Obama’s job approval ratings continue to sink in North Carolina.

In February, 47 percent of respondents approved of his leadership. Now, it’s down to 38 percent. And the biggest shift was among 18-30-year olds. More on that in a moment.

These numbers are similar to numbers reflected in the national polls. The latest Gallup Poll, Obama was at 45 percent, and that’s toward the high end.

While it’s impossible from our results to pinpoint any one reason, it is worth noting that his position on Syria was opposed by most Americans in a number of polls. (In North Carolina, 47 percent of respondents disapproved of his stance compared with 37 percent who approved.)

Add to that an economy that is still slow to recover nearly five years into his term, and uncertainty about the Affordable Health Care Act. And then there are nagging questions about Benghazi and spying on Americans.

Disapproval of his administration’s actions cast a wide net.

Digging into the numbers:

Age: Obama lost big in the 18-30 group. Only 38 percent of that demographic approve of his performance. Last April, that number was 57 percent. Why? You can point to stagnant employment growth, concerns over Syria and general disillusionment over the nation’s direction.

Political party: 79 percent of Democrats approve of him; 6 percent of Republicans do. Those numbers are nearly identical to our last poll in April.

Race: 83 percent of blacks approve vs. 26 percent of whites. That’s a decline among whites of 7 percentage points from in April.

Gender: 41 percent of women approve of him; 35 percent of men do. The decline has been equal in both genders.

He’s in his second term and can’t run again. His approval rating, though, will impact the 2014 mid-term elections in North Carolina. It’s doubtful that any House seats will flip, but Republicans are focusing on Democrat Kay Hagan’s Senate seat. It will be interesting to see how closely she aligns with the administration as the campaign gets hotter.

— John Robinson

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