Obamacare, thumbs down

North Carolinians feel the same way about the Affordable Care Act as their counterparts across the nation: They don’t think it will improve health care.

50 percent of respondents in the Elon University Poll said that Obamacare will make things worse vs. 30 percent who said it will make things better. 14 percent said it wouldn’t make a difference. Probably not surprisingly, 59 percent of Democrats give it a thumbs up, and 87 percent of Republicans turn their thumbs down.

But digging deeper into the demographic numbers: 57 percent of those with income higher than $75,000 think the law will worsen health care. Only 41 percent of those with income less than $25,000 think the same.

Meanwhile, in Washington, some Republicans in the Senate are trying — still — to defund the Affordable Care Act.  (We didn’t ask respondents if they preferred a government shutdown to the enactment of the health care plan.)

— John Robinson

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