Pat McCrory’s approval ratings continue to slide

Gov. Pat McCrory’s job approval ratings have stopped their downward plunge. Now they are just trickling down.

In the latest Elon University Poll, 33% of N.C. registered voters polled said they approve of how McCrory is handling his job. That is down from 36% in September.  Not good, of course, but there is a bright side. The percentage who said they disapproved of his work? It dropped from 46% in September to 44% this month. (Both approval and disapproval are within the margin of error.)

Explanations: He’s been busy. the McCrory camp has spent six figures on television advertising over the past six weeks to burnish his image that had gotten tarnished by political fights over the summer. McCrory has also traveled the state cutting ribbons and speaking to civic groups. He’s even crossed the country for politics and business recruitment. The public’s overall distrust and animosity, even, for all government likely affects his numbers, too.

But memories are relatively short in politics.

Digging into the numbers:

Politics —  A dramatic split: 64% of Republicans approve of his job vs. 29% of Independents and only 15% of Democrats. Since September, the percentage of Republicans has risen and percentage of Democrats has dropped.

Gender — A split that is getting interesting: 37% of men vs. 30 % of women approve of how he is doing job. He has lost support primarily among men. Two months ago, it was wider: 41% of men vs 32% of women.

Race — His support among black registered voters continues to plummet. 40% of whites approve vs. just 12% of African Americans. In September, it was 42% white support and 22% black support.

Age — His highest rating comes from the 41-50 age group at 37%; lowest from the 31-40 age group at 28%.

— John Robinson

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