Voter ID remains popular

In every poll we’ve done for a few years, North Carolinians have supported a law requiring photo ID to vote. In the latest Elon University Poll, 65% of registered voters support it, a drop from 70% in September.

Republicans are lock-step in their support — 96%. Democrats, however, are not — only 36% support the voter ID law. Independents are at 68%. For Democrats and Independents, that’s a decline of 6 points. (Republican support has increased 2 points, but frankly, it can’t get much higher.)

While we’re at it, 69% of African Americans oppose the law.

The voter ID law was the genesis of the Moral Monday protests outside the legislative building in Raleigh. The protests grew to thousands of people and to cover a variety of different issues. They have trailed off in regularity as the General Assembly adjourned, but continue at various cities around the state.

— John Robinson

2 responses to “Voter ID remains popular

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  2. You need a driver’s license for jury duty and to get a library account. Why shouldn’t we need a picture id to vote? It’s ridiculous not to. They aren’t even saying driver’s license, but my jury duty summons specified a driver’s license was required.

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