Getting the facts straight about supporting voter ID

Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory appeared on MSNBC and was asked about the state’s new voter ID law. He said the law was widely supported and that the opposition was “more about politics there than anything else.”

Then he said, “Actually, if you survey, most Democrats also agree with our laws and voter ID.”

Politifact, an arm of the Tampa Bay Times and respected fact-checker, took a look and declared McCrory’s statement “mostly false.”

The September Elon University Poll is cited in Politifact’s report. It showed most Democrats opposed the law.

“Kenneth E. Fernandez, director of the Elon poll, said he doubts this is a random blip. Elon’s November poll — which was not released at the time McCrory made his statement — showed Democratic opposition to voter ID had risen further in the succeeding two months, with 62 percent of Democrats now opposed.

“‘Prior to September 2013, a majority of Democrats supported the voter ID law, but that is no longer the case,’ he said. ‘My guess is that the Moral Monday protests and the national media attention has changed many Democrats’ minds.'”

Our November poll results came out yesterday. Only 36% of Democrats support the law and it’s sinking, dropping 6 points since September.

— John Robinson

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