More shoppers using Cyber Monday

More people plan to shop on Cyber Monday than Black Friday.

In the latest Elon University Poll of 732 North Carolinians, 33% of respondents said they planned to go shopping on Cyber Monday, and 26% said they would be shopping on Black Friday.

We haven’t polled on this question before so we have no historical data, but this seems to be a significant shift, one that likely will displease local retailers, who won’t have shoppers in their stores, and employers, whose employees will be distracted online.

The Black Friday shoppers apparently will be predominantly women — 30% said they would be out and about compared with 21% of the male respondents. And they’ll be younger — 45% of respondents in the 18-30 year-old age group said they’ll be shopping Friday.

The Cyber Monday crowd will be equal male/female, and will have strong representation from the 18-40 age group.

However, for the record, our polling neglects a major segment of the shopping community — teenagers under 18.

Mashable has a funny post on 13 reasons to stay home on Black Friday.

Full results here.

— John Robinson

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