Elon Poll in the news


Charlotte Observer: “Government leaders will surely be encouraged to keep things secret if the public is so indifferent about having access to its own business. Secrecy and transparency constantly battle in government, and secrecy will win out if the public and press don’t vigorously fight for their right to know. North Carolinians’ ignorance on this issue could come back to haunt them.”

Elon Pendulum: “As the Internet has grown, so has the ability of Americans to access information quickly and easily. But according to the latest Elon University Poll, a majority of North Carolinians are unaware of how many government documents are open to the public.”

Burlington Times- News: “A majority of North Carolina residents are unaware that state laws exist to make public records and government meetings accessible, according to the findings of an Elon University poll released Wednesday.”

Burlington Times-News: “Welcome to North Carolina, where we don’t trust the government but don’t really care what it does when we’re not looking. And, now, those of us who do care have to pay to find out — if we find out at all.”

Burlington Times-News: “To we who work daily with the First Amendment and use public records to inform our readers, reading the poll was scarier than a Stephen King novel or a George Orwell prophecy.”

Salisbury Post:  “Dart to citizens’ lack of information about requirements for government to be open and transparent. A recent Elon University poll indicated two-thirds of North Carolinians aren’t aware the state has “sunshine laws’’ requiring many records and government meetings be accessible to all residents. So long as citizens are unaware of their rights in this area — and don’t exercise those rights — some public officials will be more emboldened to ignore sunshine requirements.”

WRAL: “A slight majority of North Carolina residents say the public shouldn’t have to pay to obtain copies of government records, according to a poll released Wednesday.”

News & Observer: “The majority of North Carolinians – 65 percent – are unaware that the state has “sunshine laws” that require certain records and government meetings be available to all residents, according to an Elon University poll.”

Business Journal: “Almost two-thirds of North Carolina residents don’t know there is a state law making many government documents and records available to citizens, according to a new Elon University Poll.”

Fayetteville Observer: “A new Elon University poll suggests almost two-thirds of North Carolinians don’t know about the sunshine laws that make many government records public.”

Huffington Post

Asheville Citizen-Times:  “The business taxpayers are funding should be public record, and there are in fact laws saying so; but if the citizenry isn’t aware of this, it’s something of a moot point.”

Voter Update:  “An Elon Poll released in late November revealed what many voters have already long known—people are fed up with politicians. Every major elected official polled by Elon had negative approval ratings from the voters of North Carolina. And that crosses party lines, too. From Democrats Barack Obama and Kay Hagan to Republicans Pat McCrory and Richard Burr, voters are not happy with the people in power.”

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