Gov. McCrory’s approval rate moves up slightly

Back in September after the end of the controversial legislative changes made in Raleigh, Gov. Pat McCrory’s job approval rate was 36%. It dropped to 33% in November.

In the latest Elon Poll, it’s back to 36%. (Perhaps the most striking number is that 21% of registered voters said they don’t know if they approve of how the governor is handling his job.)

Digging into the numbers:

Politics: 59% of Republicans approve of him, compared with 35% of Independents and 17% of Democrats. Since November, he has lost support from Republicans and gained it from Independents.

Gender: 40% of men support him and 31% of women. After a drop in support among men in November, it bounced back last month. Female support has remained consistent.

Race: 39% of whites support him and 18% of African Americans. Since November, he has won back a chunk of support from black registered voters. Then, only 12% of African Americans approved of him. White support has remained generally consistent.

Age: His greatest support — 40% — comes from the 41-50 age group. His greatest disapproval rate — 47% — comes from the 31-40 and 51-65 age groups.

Across the board, McCrory seems to be in the process of recovering from November’s numbers. If he is as thin-skinned as some political commentators suggest, he can’t be happy with his low numbers. It is worth considering, though, that all politicians we polled about have approval numbers in the 30’s. That’s unlikely to change for any of them, given unemployment and the partisan divide.


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