N.C. opposes legalizing marijuana

Legalized marijuana is in its infancy out west. Don’t expect it to come into North Carolina any time soon, if the politicians pay attention to the Elon Poll results.

Fifty-one percent of respondents oppose legalizing marijuana versus 39% who support it.

Digging deeper into the numbers:

Politics: 43% of Democrats, 47% of Independents and just 23% of Republicans support legalization. Not surprising.

Gender: 46% of men and 32% of women support legalization. If anyone can explain that, have at it.

Race: 39% of whites and 36% of African Americans support legalization. Finally, an issue not divided by race!

Age: If it were left up to  the 18-30 age group, marijuana would be legalized. 54% support it. But it declines in each age group as they get older.

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