President Obama’s approval rating has stabilized

President Obama has stabilized his approval rating in North Carolina. Sadly for him, it is stabilized at 39% in the latest Elon Poll. Fifty-one percent disapprove of how he is doing his job.

A year ago, his approval rating was close to 50%. It has dropped ever since. In November, it was 37%. In September, it was 38%.

The only solace he can find in the numbers is that they aren’t lower. His approval rating is higher than Gov. Pat McCrory’s, Sen. Kay Hagan’s and Sen. Richard Burr’s.

Digging into the numbers:

Politics — The partisan divide is stark and huge. 81% of Democrats approve of how he’s doing his job compared with 28% of Independents and just 4% of Republicans. Since November, he has gained support among Democrats but lost it among Independents. Republican support – or lack of it – has remained the same.

Gender — 42% of women and 36% of men approve of his work. Since November, he has gained a bit of support among women, but it is within the 3% margin of error.

Race — 79% of African Americans give him a thumbs up, but only 27% of whites. Since November, he has gained back some of the support from both groups.

Obama’s approval rating in North Carolina is in line with the rest of the country. People are still suspicious of the Affordable Health Care Act, and suspicious is a generous term to use. Around the edges, the NSA spying scandal and the concern over unemployment still linger. Many political analysts predict Democrats to lose seats in the mid-term elections — Sen. Kay Hagan’s numbers are tanking in N.C.

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