Tillis is gaining name recognition

Rep. Thom Tillis is speaker of the N.C. House and helped led a dramatic right turn in North Carolina politics last year. He is running for the GOP nomination to the U.S. Senate, hoping to unseat Sen. Kay Hagan in November.

He has a ways to go, according to the Elon Poll.

Most registered voters in North Carolina (58%) said they don’t recognize his name. And of the 38% who do, only 18% have a favorable impression of him. The good news for Tillis is that in November, 70% of registered voters didn’t recognize his name. (Tillis has run television ads for the past month or so.)

Digging into the numbers:

Politics: Republicans are most familiar with Tillis’s name at 43%, followed by Independents, 37%, and Democrats, 36%. And 29% of the Republicans who know his name have a favorable impression of him, compared with 19% of Independents and 6% of Democrats.

Gender: Men are more familiar with him than women, 42% to 35%. In addition, 23% of the men have a favorable impression; only 13% of women do.

Race: Whites are more familiar with him than African Americans, 43% to 26%. In addition, 21% of the whites have a favorable impression of him; only 7% of African Americans do.

Age: He is best known by the 65-and-up crowd, 57%, but they aren’t the ones who think most favorably of him. Only 19% of the 65+ age group has a good impression of him. 28% of the 31-40 age group does.

It’s still too early to make any predictions. Tillis has to get past the GOP primary before the political battle really begins. It’s also an age-old political truism that voters don’t start  paying any attention to political races until after Labor Day. That gives Tillis time to become more visible and viable as a statewide candidate.

— John Robinson



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