Obama’s job performance in N.C.

President Obama’s job approval rate has squeaked up two percentage points, from 39% in February to 41% in April, according to the latest Elon University Poll. The increase is within the 3.7% margin of error so it’s a wash.

A year ago, his approval rating was close to 50%. It has dropped ever since. In November, it was 37%. In September, it was 38%.

Pretty much, thank the Affordable Care Act.

That said his approval rating is higher than Gov. Pat McCrory’s (35%), Sen. Kay Hagan’s (35%) and Sen. Richard Burr’s (34%). On the other side, his DISapproval rate of 49% is higher than McCrory’s (45%) and Burr’s (35%), and the same as Hagan’s.

Digging into the numbers:

Politics — 70% of Democrats approve of how he’s doing his job compared with 34% of Independents and just 4% of Republicans. The significant number, thought, is that in February, 81% of Democrats approved of his job performance. He’s not running for re-election, of course, but that doesn’t help the rest of the ticket.

Gender — 46% of women and 35% of men approve of his work. Since November, he has gained a bit of support among women, but it is within the 3% margin of error.

Race — 83% of African Americans give him a thumbs up, but only 29% of whites. Those numbers have been basically stable since last year.

Age — The 41-50 age group disapproves of the president the most — 58%.

If it’s any consolation – and I doubt it is – N.C. numbers are in line with the rest of the nation.

— John Robinson

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