Pat McCrory’s job approval rating

Gov. Pat McCrory has a 35% approval rating in N.C., the same as Sen. Kay Hagan but all people are talking about are Hagan’s numbers. Two differences:

+ McCrory’s DISapproval rate is 45% while Hagan’s is 49%.

+ McCrory isn’t running for office this year.

McCrory’s approval standing hasn’t changed much since our last poll in February when it was 36%. It doesn’t seem to be affected by the recent Duke Energy coal ash spill. (McCrory is a former Duke employee, and state regulators have been criticized for going easy on Duke Energy.

Digging into the numbers:

Politics — 56% of Republicans approve of him, compared with 35% of Independents and 18% of Democrats. The numbers are essentially unchanged since February.

Gender: 42% of men support him and 28% of women. Since February, male support has remained consistent, and female support has dipped slightly (3 percentage points, but it is within the margin of error).

Race: 39% of whites support him and 23% of African Americans. His support among whites has remained consistent. His African American support has grown consistently since November when only 12% of blacks approved of him.

Age: His greatest support — 40% — comes from the 41-50 age group. His greatest disapproval rate — 49% – comes from the 31-40 age group.

The biggest news splash involving McCrory has involved the Duke coal ash spill, and, at this point, his poll numbers seem to be weathering the controversy. He has said he is going to get some teachers a raise, which could dampen the Moral Monday protests a bit. The General Assembly returns to work later this month. We’ll see what how they work together.

— John Robinson

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