Hagan leads Tillis

We released a new poll this morning. The news release is here. The long version with demographic breakdowns here.

The major headline is that Sen. Kay Hagan is leading N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis among likely voters, 45%-41%. The lead, however, is within the margin of error.

But there are other tidbits:

* As many as 14% of likely voters are in play.

More women support Hagan, 52%-33%, particularly the single & divorced. More men support Tillis, 50%-38%, particularly those married.

* 85% of African-Americans said they plan to vote for Hagan; 51% of whites support Tillis.

* 38% of self-described independents plan to vote for Hagan; 27% support Tillis.

* Despite her current lead among likely voters, Hagan’s approval rate is upside-down at 51% DISapproval.

* 24% of Tillis supporters ranked international affairs/defense the most important issue to 16% of Hagan supporters.

* 19% of Tillis supporters ranked the economy as the most important issue to 15% of Hagan supporters.

* 17% of  Hagan supporters ranked jobs as most important issue to 6% of Tillis. supporters.

* 17% of Hagan supporters ranked education as most important issue to 2% of Tillis supporter.

* Only 8% of Hagan’s supporters and 7% of Tillis supporters ranked Obamacare as the most important issue.


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