North Carolina on the issues

We always ask about issues in the news in our polls. Here are some of the results from our latest poll.

* Only 24% of likely voters – 1 in 4 — think the country is on the right track.

* For the first time in years, the most important issue to N.C. likely voters is international affairs/defense. Usually the economy is No. 1. It dropped to second, followed by education, jobs & government.

* Looking at “likely voters” vs. “all residents,” the two issues that “all residents” ranked higher than “likely voters” were jobs and healthcare.

* For first time in our polling, more N.C. likely voters said they support same-sex marriage than oppose — 45%-42%.

* Voter ID still has huge support among N.C.’s likely voters, 68%-29%. Total residents support it even more, 72-26.

* 49% of likely voters think Obamacare will healthcare worse; 34.5% think it will improve it.

* 50% of likely voters consider immigrants a benefit; 37% call them a burden.

* 45% of likely voters think abortions should be less difficult to get; 39% said abortions should be more difficult to get.


One response to “North Carolina on the issues

  1. If we people of North Carolina pick those to ran in this race we need someone better. All they want to do is cut each other down no way to lead people of NC.

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