Elon Poll in the news

Reporters are beginning to dig deeper into Monday’s poll results.

* Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer used the poll results to highlight something other than the N.C. Senate horse race. He compared and contrasted the two candidates’ positions on international affairs.

“When Elon University asked N.C. voters to name the most important issue facing the country, nothing ranked higher than defense and foreign affairs. The poll was released Monday.

“’It doesn’t seem to be an issue that’s going to disappear,” said Elon Poll director Kenneth Fernandez.”‘

* The NAACP has filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections, saying that Sen. Phil Berger’s television ad supporting voter ID is misleading. From the News & Observer: “Berger was not available for comment, but Ray Martin, the political director for the Senate Caucus, emailed this statement: ‘It is outrageous that William Barber and the NAACP are asking government regulators to suppress Senator Berger’s First Amendment rights and silence his campaign’s message to voters regarding Photo ID.’

“An Elon Poll released Monday showed that more than 72 percent of North Carolinians support showing a photo ID when voting.”

* Many news outlets have used the poll to focus on the gender gap in the Senate race. Among women, Sen. Kay Hagan has a 52%-33% lead over House Speaker Thom Tillis. Tillis has a 12-point advantage among men.

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