North Carolina on the issues

We polled North Carolinians on the issues of the day.

* Statewide support for gay marriage? Not so fast. 50% of likely voters oppose it vs. 38%.

* In September, it was dramatically different: 45% supported same-sex marriage & 43% opposed.

* The gay marriage numbers may explain the GOP leadership’s continued legal fight on that front.

* 57% of likely voters who oppose gay marriage support Tillis to 28% for Hagan.

* 69% of likely voters support showing a photo ID to vote.

* 91% of opponents of the voter ID law support Hagan.

* For our third consecutive polling cycle, more people prefer making abortion access less difficult, 46% to 41%.

* 71% of likely voters who prefer fewer restrictions on abortion support Hagan.

* 43% of likely voters said the United States should use air strikes AND ground troops in Iraq & Syria.

* Of the 43%, most were more likely to vote for Tillis, 64%, vs. 23% for Hagan.

* 33% said air strikes only in Iraq & Syria; 15% said no military action.

* Most N.C. residents are cautious about Ebola, but not panicked.

* On Ebola, college grads see a much smaller risk of Ebola outbreak than high school grads.

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