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For the 2014 Senate race, who’s on first?

Here’s a wake up call for all the 2014 GOP Senate candidates:

* Do you recognize the name Thom Tillis? 70% no.

* Do you recognize the name Mark Harris? 80.5% no.

* Do you recognize the name Greg Brannon? 88% no.

Each is an announced candidate for Sen. Kay Hagan’s seat. While Hagan has her own issues to deal with, her GOP opponents have a long way to go to get the attention of the electorate, according to the latest Elon University Poll.

Only Tillis holds statewide office — he is speaker of the N.C. House — but given the number of registered voters who don’t pay close attention to the goings on in Raleigh, that doesn’t appear to be a big advantage. It likely does, however, in the fund-raising game.

Expect the GOP field to begin clearing up in a few months. The primary election is only six months away.

— John Robinson