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Support for North Carolina public schools?

Are North Carolinians happy with their public schools? Depends on how you ask.

Earlier this month, the Civitas Institute, a conservative organization, released a poll that said “more than half (52 percent) of respondents rated North Carolina’s public school system as “Only fair” (37 percent) or “Poor” (15 percent).”

Today, N.C. Policy Watch, a progressive organization, released its Carolinas Watch poll that said that 48% of North Carolinians have a generally favorable impression of public schools vs. 34% unfavorable, and that 65% believe schools should get more funding.

For the record, last month’s Elon University Poll results show that most North Carolinians would support a temporary three-fourths of a cent sales tax to fund education 53% to 43%.

— John Robinson

Elon University Poll in the news

Here are breakdowns of all the poll results.

(Image courtesy of the Newseum.)

News & Observer: A majority of North Carolinians are opposed to the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages that will be on the May 8 ballot, even as they remain skeptical about gay marriages.

WCNC: An exclusive new poll shows North Carolinians are more optimistic about the economy, favor Mitt Romney in the GOP race to the White (House)and are warming to the idea of same-sex marriage.


N.C. Policy Watch: Opposition to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage has risen slightly over the last two months.

News & Record: North Carolina residents are unhappy with the job their state legislature is doing, according to results from an Elon University Poll released Friday.

Pam’s House Blend: Hot off the press…news that should shake things up for the fundies trying to “protect” marriage in NC. The trend is moving in the direction of sanity.

The Pendulum: The results from the most recent Elon Poll reveal that North Carolinians have an increasingly favorable opinion of President Barack Obama and are more optimistic about the national economy.