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Support for the voter photo ID law

Last year, the General Assembly passed a bill requiring voters show a photo ID before casting a ballot. Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed the legislation, saying it would unfairly disenfranchise voters.

What do North Carolinians think? It’s not even close. Seventy-four percent  support the idea of a photo ID requirement before voting, according to the Elon University Poll. 

There’s a good chance it will come up again next month when the state legislature convenes for its short session. Some Republicans say they have the votes to overturn the governor’s veto.

Requiring a photo ID to vote is a major GOP initiative that has gathered steam across the country. So far this year, nine states have passed voter photo ID laws. Republicans assert that it ensures against voter fraud. Critics say it could hurt voter turnout, particularly among students, African-Americans and elderly people.

The Justice Department has challenged the laws in Texas and South Carolina using its powers under the 1965 Voting Rights Act to review changes to voting laws in states with a history of racial discrimination. Both states are suing the department.

From the Charlotte Observer: In North Carolina, more than 800,000 people statewide don’t have photo identification from the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to a State Board of Elections and DMV analysis. More than a half-million North Carolinians – 556,513 – have no identification at all.

— John Robinson

Look to solar and wind power in the future

North Carolinians, along with the rest of the nation, are annoyed by the rise in gas prices.  So, it’s hardly surprising that when they are asked about what potential energy sources the nation should rely upon in the future, solar power (85%) and wind power (80%) lead the way.

And, equally, it’s not surprising that the two nonrenewable energy sources got the lowest marks: oil, 25%, and coal, 30%. 

(Two years ago, in an Elon University Poll, three-quarters of North Carolina residents said they would support the increase of federal funds for research on wind, solar and hydrogen technology.)

One group might be cheered by that sentiment. From the Charlotte Observer last month:

North Carolina’s offshore winds, in theory, hold enough energy potential to power the whole state. In reality, no commercial turbines have gone up anywhere in Atlantic coastal waters.

Turning potential into electricity brought 300 industry members, government officials and green-energy advocates to Charlotte on Thursday for the first Southeastern Coastal Wind Conference.

The long, shallow-water N.C. coast has more wind-energy potential within 50 miles of the coastline than any other East Coast state, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimated in 2010.

It is worth noting that as the state debates fracking, 70% of respondents said the state should rely on natural gas more as a future energy source.

— John Robinson

Elon University Poll in the news

Here are breakdowns of all the poll results.

(Image courtesy of the Newseum.)

News & Observer: A majority of North Carolinians are opposed to the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages that will be on the May 8 ballot, even as they remain skeptical about gay marriages.

WCNC: An exclusive new poll shows North Carolinians are more optimistic about the economy, favor Mitt Romney in the GOP race to the White (House)and are warming to the idea of same-sex marriage.


N.C. Policy Watch: Opposition to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage has risen slightly over the last two months.

News & Record: North Carolina residents are unhappy with the job their state legislature is doing, according to results from an Elon University Poll released Friday.

Pam’s House Blend: Hot off the press…news that should shake things up for the fundies trying to “protect” marriage in NC. The trend is moving in the direction of sanity.

The Pendulum: The results from the most recent Elon Poll reveal that North Carolinians have an increasingly favorable opinion of President Barack Obama and are more optimistic about the national economy.









Elon Poll results on the Charlotte Observer’s front page

Nice display of the Elon University Poll results on the front page of The Charlotte Observer this morning. Given that President Obama will be in Mount Holly today, he can see in black and white that his approval rating is inching up. The Observer’s story by Tim Funk and Jim Morrill is here. (Front page courtesy of the Newseum.)

— John Robinson

Elon University Poll in the news

The Charlotte Observer: President Barack Obama’s poll numbers are inching upward in this key swing state, but more North Carolinians still disapprove than approve of how he’s handling the economy and his job overall.

WTVD: An exclusive Elon University ABC11/Raleigh News and Observer poll shows President Obama may have an uphill climb in his effort to win North Carolina in the November election.
News & Record: President Barack Obama’s job approval numbers have ticked up slightly over the past six months, according to the Elon University Poll. That news comes as the president prepares for what amounts to a campaign visit at a truck manufacturing plant near Charlotte on Wednesday.
News & Observer: President Barack Obama’s poll numbers are inching upward in this key swing state, but more North Carolinians still disapprove than approve of how he’s handling the economy and his job overall.
News 14:  More North Carolina voters approve of the job of President Barack Obama than just a few months ago. In a new Elon University/News 14 Carolina poll, the president’s favorability rating is on the rise.
Burlington Times-News: President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is up slightly, according to the results of an Elon University Poll released this week.
— John Robinson